I have always loved snail mail. Granted, it's evolved over the years. I've come a long way from Lisa Frank stickers covering a hand written note to my pen pal - but it's never stopped feeling incredibly special to receive a greeting from a friend. This is the essence of Bonne Nouvelle Design. One guest even mentioned: "I thought I had finally gotten my acceptance letter to Hogwarts!" Nowadays one of the only pieces of snail mail we send out in our lifetimes might be to announce a special event or some good news. Why not make it special? And completely tailored to you.

Fun Facts:

I grew up in San Antonio and got my start in graphic design by formatting the yearbook.

I spent 2 years in Paris learning to speak French, meeting some incredible people from all over the world and working at a French branding company. I lived 5 minutes from the Pantheon and Luxembourg Gardens. I was probably the only person in Paris with a magenta peacoat.

Bonne Nouvelle translates to "Good News." In France, if someone says they're getting married or having a baby someone might say "Bonne Nouvelle!" It also happens to be the name of a metro station in Paris.

When I'm not doodling or designing you may find me walking my creative companion Bisou, swimming in a nearby watering hole, or enjoying company on a sunny patio.


Title Photo: taken while spending the summer in Paris in 2006 au Grand Palais at the La Force de L'Art Exposition. Headshot and website photos taken by Amanda Hartfield Photography.